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​"My fascination for creating prints is that they can tell a story. For every emotion, any goal, there is a print to be created." - Katarina Stupavska

The latest collection of wallpaper comprises of countless exclusive designs by globally renowned artists. Some of the designs portray more than just elegance, but also delicate textures to fill your living space with classic styles.


​    The wallpaper series (on the left) encompasses a range of textural, urban designs and oxidised industrial shapes which are infused with metallic tones of copper, quartz and azurite.

Nonetheless, this series is designed to produce international appeal while these stunning papers combine the feeling of extreme luxury with the edginess of industrial chic.

This wallpaper range portrays a cheerful field of flowers contrast colourfully with the weathered background. The hand-painted and stylized flowers with powdery shades and frosted pastels wallpaper will certainly enhance your living space with the Scandinavian atmosphere.


Wallpaper designed with blooming flowers and cross birds brings warmth and delight to cherish your home atmosphere.